Crazy Old Cat Lady

The Coronavirus has happily forced me to live a life I was living anyway, but now I don’t have to feel guilty about it.

Staying in most of the time? Check. Avoiding others at the grocery store? Check. Not socializing, even when opportunities present themselves? Check!

I am not afraid of people. The anxiety that has grown over the years is not incapacitating. I’m an amiable gent. I’m the guy who says hello to the cashier before she asks me. I thrive in work environments where there are many of us, including customers. Hell, sit me at a bar stool and in no time I’ll be chatting it up with the person next to me.

I just seem to be evolving into a Crazy Old Cat Lady, that’s all.

‘Introvert’ is a strong word. Anyone who knows me can attest that I am not an introvert. Need a dirty joke? Sure. Sing a karaoke tune in tight leather pants in front of 1,000 people? Done. Incite a riot? Well, there’s always tomorrow.

I like the word ‘withdrawn.’ It implies choice. Where many look forward to gatherings, parties, even one-on-ones, I prefer to stay home, cook, read, and watch bad television. I look forward to my solitary walks, or time in the corner of the library. It’s who I am.

And, everyone’s health included, I am such a proponent of wearing masks! Hide my unruly beard? My red face? You don’t have to ask me twice!

Granted, the Coronavirus is an awful, horrible thing. I do not mean to make light of it. In these times, it’s important to find light at the end of the tunnel. My tunnel just happens to include turning off my phone, caring for my little girl, and tending to the 45 cats I will have adopted by year’s end.

Can’t be an Crazy Old Cat Lady without them.

By seanpatrickfarley

Welcome to my blog. My goal, hopefully, is to put words together to make a few proper posts that you might enjoy. It might not always come together the way I'd like, but I'm human (on most days).

I'm on a new journey, I guess you can say. I've taken my core interests - health, writing, food and life - and put them here. Health because I'm tired of being overweight, lazy, and breathless just from tying my shoes. Writing because I have a brain, thoughts, and ideas. Food because I really like to eat, but in a position where I have to do it right. And life because, well, it never goes the way we want it to, does it?

I'm learning as I go, trying to be a better person. Hopefully you'll hang out with me once in a while. If so, welcome. If not, that's okay, too, it was nice while it lasted.

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